Traditional home decor ideas that are making a comeback


Traditional home decor ideas that are making a comeback

June 27, 2023 | 05:42 pm
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Vintage vibe is back!

Generations, designs, trends, and tastes may change, however, there are a few home decor styles that stand the test of time and rarely fade away.

Today, some of the most popular ones that were once a rage during the 1980s and 90s, are now making a striking comeback to many homes.

Don’t believe us? Well, check these out yourself.

Wall art

Wall art used to be a constant part of one’s home decor back in the day. Whether it was a miniature Mughal picture or local tribal art, it used to catch one’s attention instantly.

While designs have undoubtedly become simpler, the concept of wall art is still in style in full swing.

Besides that, they contrast beautifully with the modernist style of one’s home.

Wicker furniture 

As a sustainable, all-natural material that complements almost any type of decor, wicker is experiencing a comeback.

A favorite of eco-conscious designers, wicker furniture looks beautiful when paired with an abundance of indoor plants and natural materials like linen and jute.

It can also be used as a hanging light fixture in bedrooms.

Cane, bamboo, and rattan are other timeless traditional favorites.

Mosaic flooring

Mosaic tiles are popular among people who desire floors that are aggressively expressive and have distinctive patterns with their vintage appeal.

These are making a strong comeback and today, you can find them in all sizes from small hexagons to tiny squares.

Many people are willing to incorporate these eye-catching tiles in their homes, especially in their bathrooms and verandas.

Canopy bed

Canopy beds date back to the times when European nobles needed portable beds to move between their castles while maintaining privacy.

And guess what? They are coming back in fashion albeit in minimalistic and simple styles.

A canopy bed with floating sheer tie-back drapes can offer a dreamy, romantic feel to your bedroom, making it an ideal choice for couples.

Metallic fittings

Kitchens and bathrooms of 2023 are using more brass, copper, and silver than stainless steel. The warmth of these vintage metals has returned to the forefront as a popular upgrade for fixtures and fittings.

The metal color looks more visually appealing and is being incorporated to add a touch of vintage in each element, right from handles and doorknobs to showerheads.

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