Use the garden for a grand entrance to patio, yard, relaxing space

Sue La Fountaine

Sue La Fountaine

How is your landscape and vegetable garden coming along? Are you wondering where to put your energy now? How about decorating a little space for an outside room? Maybe I can give you a few ideas to make this a beautiful space for entertaining and relaxing.

Try making a grand entrance — you know that wow look. It should start with a warm welcome and a stylish first impression even if it is only a short distance before entering your sanctuary. Mark the entrance with beautiful garden planters that will draw your visitors in. Vary the size of the planters with different heights and sizes for visual interest.

Lighting is a very effective way to master-gardener-garden-your-child/7685886001/” data-ylk=”slk:add atmosphere” class=”link “>add atmosphere to your space. It can be on the ground to lead you on the path or hanging string lights will create a warm ambience. Plus, it looks really cool. Arranging candles on tables will add a relaxing vibe.  Hint:  there are candles that will repel mosquitoes.

Outside garden space is an extension of a home

Your outside garden space should be an extension of your home. You can maintain a similar design as your home’s interior by using weather-resistant styling of aluminum, wood, or wicker. They blend well with almost any furnishing. It also gives garden outside rooms a finished look for all seasons. Place wood garden chairs or chaises around a fire pit or tables as a setting for the main gathering spot.

If you want coziness as your theme, place a bench in a separate spot for enjoying lively conversations. How about a place to nap in the afternoons or just gazing at the panoramic views? If you feel the need to do some gardening, place tools in outdoor baskets nearby.

Weather resistant pillows of neutral or vibrant colors will add lots of charm to your selection of furniture. Add pops of color, use a combination of fabrics and patterns to make a bold statement to your area. Take in every detail of your surroundings to make sure your chosen colors complement rather than compete with the beautiful nature around you.

Include potted plants in the design

Now would be the time to put your favorite miniature specimens on display for everyone to enjoy. Let guests admire the unusual shapes and textures of a potted plant collection by being an outdoor accent or console table. Everyone will admire the presentation of the plant life that is your pride.

Oh, how about the sound of running water for a little relaxation?  As you are shopping why not consider installing an ornamental fountain?  Just imagine the soothing sound of water as it cascades across the structure’s surfaces. It will be comforting and therapeutic.

It is a known fact people are drawn to the source of an aquatic focal point. It will be a great conversation piece  It will be a classic garden feature to showcase when you need a little inspiration for future rock garden decorating ideas. Try placing it in between stones to simulate a waterfall.

Install a curtain rod above an outside window and add frilly curtains for a homey look. Place an outdoor patio heater to extend your outside enjoyment into the cooler weather. A fairy garden would be a delight for young and old. If there is a wall or wooden fence behind it, paint or draw a life size Tinker Bell or character of your choice.

The ideas are endless. Just use your imagination and let the ideas flow.  You will have fun creating an outdoor room and your guests will truly enjoy visiting. Yours will be unique as no two rooms are alike.

Master Gardeners planning for 2023

The Sandusky/Ottawa County Master Gardeners are in the process of planning a 2023 Master Gardener class. It will be a 10-week course, one day a week. Ohio State experts will provide you with excellent information.  After completion you will become part of the Ohio State knowledgeable group of the master gardener team.

Susan La Fountaine is a Master Gardener with the Sandusky and Ottawa County Extension Offices.

This article originally appeared on Fremont News-Messenger: Master Gardener: Spend time decorating that outside room

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