Would You Paint Your Kitchen Pink? 13 Maximalist Ideas from Wow!house

wowhouse 2023 martin moore kitchen by henry prideaux interior design photography james mcdonald

A Look Inside the 2023 Wow!house in LondonJames McDonald Photography

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Once referred to as “The Oscars of the design world” by designer Tim Gosling, the Wow!house show house is a shining example of top design. After a dazzling inaugural year, the Wow!house is back to “wow” us once again. (Sorry, I had to!) The 18-room spectacular returns to Design Avenue at Design Centre Chelsea Harbor, Europe’s largest design center, through July 6. Claire German, CEO of Design Centre Chelsea Harbor, gave the participating world-class designers carte blanche to decorate their rooms. In other words, these top creative minds were given full reign to let their imaginations fly. And trust me, they did not disappoint. The designers “have simultaneously embraced the finest examples of craft and the most inventive ideas about space and storytelling,” says German.

This year’s show house is a 5,000 sq. ft. exhibition of Maximalism at its finest. Whether you’re into extreme pattern mixing, rooms drenched in beautiful hues, or decor themes that will transport you to another world, this show house is the design inspiration of every maximalist’s dreams. And if you weren’t able to visit this year’s Wow!house, don’t worry. We have rounded up several of the wow-worthy rooms below to transport you to the show house and help you bring the maximalist style into your home. Read on to discover just how to achieve that perfect “more is more” look.

Make an Entrance

Maximalist design is not limited to interiors. This 3D geometric printed façade created by RIBA architects Mamou-Mani is a strong case for judging a book by it’s cover.

wow house 2023 exterior manuo mani by james mcdonald photography

James McDonald Photography

Set the Scene

Incorporating a mural into your space can have a huge impact. Now, choosing to have that mural as a full 360-degree surround, as Mark D Sikes did in this entrance foyer with this ‘D-Safavid Reverie’ hand painted wallcovering by Iksel, can be transportive.

wowhouse 2023 iksel entrance foyer by mark d sikes photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Be Monumental

If you crave that stately look of columns, but don’t have the original infrastructure, Nicky Haslam & Colette Van Den Thillart show that architecture can be added to any space after the fact.

wow house 2023 the legend room by nicky haslam and colette van den thillart photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Keep it Lowkey

Low-profile furniture sets the mood in the Fromental Courtyard Room by Maddux Creative. A perfect place for maximalists to lull into conversations of vibrant patterns and textures galore.

wowhouse 2023 fromental courtyard room by maddux creative photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Put it all on Display

Treasures from your travels, knick knacks from your favorite antique shops, art collected over the years; all should have a place for the world (or just your invited guests) to see as shown here in Claire Gaskin’s Study.

wowhouse 2023 study by claregaskin photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Clash Colors

Take a pink kitchen one step further, like Henry Prideaux Interiors did here with custom built pieces from Martin Moore’s New Deco line, by adding a contrasting marble slab in an equally fabulous color.

wowhouse 2023 martin moore kitchen by henry prideaux interior design photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Go Wild

If you’re in a constant state of wanderlust, why not turn your bedroom into your own personal Safari base camp? Christian Bense blends South African and English style seamlessly in the de le Cuona Bedroom.

wowhouse 2023 de le cuona bedroom christian bense photography james macdonald

James McDonald Photography

Reflect Opulence

Nothing says gilded glamour like mirror glass floor tiles that reflect light around the room. Lucy Barlow and Joshua Sear, of Barlow & Barlow, didn’t stop at the Mosaic Factory’s Zellige tiles. The duo added even more glam with Drummonds bath fixtures, including ‘Meon’ bathtub in polished iron, and a Duffy London ‘Shadow’ chair.

wowhouse 2023 drummonds principle bathroom barlowbarlow photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Curate a Collection

Tim Gosling put his own maximalism on display in this library. Enveloped between Zardi & Zardi ‘Leeds Castles Aubusson’ tapestries, and ‘Commandrie Savonnerie’ rug by Tim Gosling for The Rug Company, are numerous pieces of the designer’s own. Including statues, art, and even the Baccarat chandelier.

wowhouse 2023 gosling library by tim gosling photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Find Your Zen

Who says you can’t have a spa day every day? Take note from this design by Studio Mica, complete with House of Rohl’s Perrin & Rowe hardware and Victoria + Albert fixtures, and turn your bathroom into the ultimate Zen sanctuary.

wowhouse 2023 house of rohl bathroom by studio mica photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Drape Your Den

Swath your home in luxury by installing gorgeous fabrics on the wall. Tala Fustok creates a bold home bar by draping the walls with an abundance of Casamance sateen fabric as a focal point.

wowhouse 2023 home bar by tala fustok photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

Mix Materials

Rattan, leather, and recycled PET! Oh my! From the ‘Rua Safari’ fabric on the walls and cushions, and the terry cloth upholstered sofa, to the custom mirrored wallcovering on the ceiling, and the wall-to-wall carpeting made from 100% recycled PET, Designer Nicolò Castellini Baldissera maxed out on all materials from C&C Milano in this Mediterranean-inspired salon.

wowhouse2023cc milano salon nicolò castellini baldissera photography james macdonald

James McDonald Photography

Be the Light

Don’t just bring in the light, let your design *be* the light. Studio Winch did just that in this bright, airy terrace. Outfitted with Studio Winch’s Arc Collection for Summit Furniture, this outdoor space simultaneously exudes cheer, elegance, and that quintessential summer feeling.

wowhouse 2023 summit furniture terrace by studio winch photography james mcdonald

James McDonald Photography

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